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allstate mobile app for healthcare

what's allstate? how to download their mobile app for healthcare

How to install Allstate's mobile app for Android ?

just type Allstate Mobile on the search zone of the playstore home page and click download to instal it.

when small accidents happen don't let it take up more time that it has to.

let all states quick photo claim help get you back to your routine without the extra hassle.

once you've downloaded the Allstate mobile app you can use quick photo claim to submit your damages easily on your smartphone.

the quick photo claim feature within the Allstate mobile app is designed to use photos of your vehicle to provide a repair quote for minor damage without having to meet an adjuster or visit a body shop.

to begin, make sure you're in a safe well-lit area and that you have a good cellular connection, open your Allstate app and select quick photo claim from the home screen.

after entering your claim number, the app will prompt you to take at least three photos of the damaged area.

to avoid glare turn your mobile camera's flash, tap the screen to focus the camera.

if the shot seems blurry next quick photo claim provides a frame for you to take photos of all four corners of your vehicle.

the last step is to capture a photo of your odometer and then the app will show you multiple locations where you can find your VIN on your vehicle.

after the photos are submitted an adjuster will review the informations,claim payments can be set up through the Allstate mobile app.

if you are registered and logged into your account small accidents don't have to be a hassle download.

the Allstate mobile app and let quick photo claim handle your fender bender in no time available for download in the App Store or Google Play

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