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how to use an android app maker ?

android app maker makes it easy to create and promote an app that helps stay in touch with your customers and get more better performances and more money to make.

the mobile geek dot mobi team will test all app makers to create its own android app and give you the results.

free android app maker : is it free ?

yes, but some free android app makers offer some paid stuffs beside the free features. here a list of websites that MobileGeek team have found : creator

a lot of hardwork has been made in this website that offers a lot of good features for android apps making.

how to use a android app maker zahoo creator android free online geek mobi

you just need to sign in by filling the form above Build your first app now!

we can se Creator to build free and unique custom applications using multi steps and also realy easy to use

the website offers you 15 days trial to test it and get a free app.

just click in the presentation wizard that helps trou the app creation method.

Create an application

you can create an app from scratch or choose a model from a list of known apps models like assistant service, restaurants apps like order pizza apps, employee manager, house savings apps ....

we will create an app from scratch today to test it

we will need to name it first .

Create a form to collect orders

we will click on Create new form to be officially geeks.

today we will go ahead and choose Blank form.

we will name it geek formand click done.

Drag and drop fields to the form

we click on add compents and we add some appointement form to test it out .

we drag as many as we need of forms like :
NAme, e-mail,phone number,adresse,....

Once we are done, we click done to let the android app maker dot the job

Set up a workflow

we will find example like Run Scripts - While Adding a Record ...

those are the procedures that will hapens when we do actions

in ou action the action is adding appointement tothe customers quee list of course.

so we just creat a new workflow to describe each action like ADD, modify ....

Design a page for a dashboard
its easy stuff Access the application and add records
test it out here :

Good like geeks ;)

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