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Android One : is it an app or an operating system ?

If you're thinking about buying a new phone, particularly if you're looking at cheaper, options or more budget models.

There's something that you may not know about and that is Android one that impacts how good your phone is or at least how nice it is to use.

What exactly is Android one ?

it's a vanilla version of Android with Android one phones there's no third party skins, no bloatware, no ugly themes.

That's means ou're going to have such an amazing Android experience and generally you'll get updates quicker as well.

So really it's a lot like the Google picks or phones, but we shouldn't confuse Android one with the actual software version of Android that the phone is running.

Motorola one phones for example, are running with Android 9.

That's also known as Android 9 pi, but it's also an Android 1 phone, so basically Android 1 is just a name as sonification a logo that tells you that this phone runs a stock version of Android.

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