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how to detect android operating system

Learn to know your current android version android of your operating system with our lesson.

In this post, we will talk about what is Android operating system.

What is Android operating system ?

It is an operating system based on the Linux kernel.

It is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices including smartphones and tablet computers.

how to detect my mobile phone android version right now ?

Our post for today will show you the best methods to know your current android phone operation system version.

let's check later if you have the latest android system on your mobile.

On your home screen, and press the Settings Button to enter the settings menu.

Scroll down to the about menu then the About Phone section to show the desired resultes .

many apps can show your version on android you will just need to install them from the free online app store play store that got so many mobile applications .

In most android mobile phones, the menu can be called About phone.

and Voila ! you can see your current android os version.

Let's play this video from our YouTube channel the we capture it and uploaded it on our youtube channel : mobile_geek_mobi .

Your current version is :

how can I update it easier and quicker ?

go to settings and click softwares then check Download updates automaticly if you want that your android device download the latest availabe version of the android operating system.

Settings > Software update > Download updates automaticly

If you don't want it to be done automaticly, check Download updates manulay in the last step.

Settings > Software update > Download updates automaticly

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