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TOP 3 of the best android games 2019

best android games 2019

#1 - Call of Duty

We are really excited to bring you our review on the famous game Call of Duty mobile which is absolutely free in the Android and iOS store.

The Call of Duty mobile release is a phenomenal release and it honestly will blow your mind when you play it.

The graphics are phenomenal, the gameplay is as you would expect from a Call of Duty game.

They've really refined the experience and made it the perfect mobile version of Call of Duty.

This thing is honestly amazing, and really shows you that mobile gaming is not dead at all and it's only in its infancy.

With pub G Mobile that thing just blew my mind and now Call of Duty are coming in with a really competitive version of Call of Duty for mobile.

We have the usual multiplayer suspects that you would expect from a Call of Duty game and you have multiple game modes, we have frontline team deathmatch Search and Destroy Search and Destroy classic domination hardpoint and free-for-all.

Also, we have the battle royale game-mode which again is fantastic and a true Call of Duty experience you even have zombies running around in the battle royale game mode which again just adds that additional layer of Call of Duty excellence.

The multiplayer also features some iconic Maps so we have hijacked we have kill house nuke town crossfire and crash and they will be adding a lot more in the future and another really exciting upcoming update as well is zombies that can actually be adding a zombies game-mode to this free game.

So we have a battle royale mode we get all these multiplayer modes and we get a zombies mode as well we get the legendary maps a customized layout with all of these different loadout options and customization for your character.

You can play with your friends or you can experience genuinely a true Call of Duty experience on your mobile phone.

One thing that really talk you by surprise is the graphics that are honestly looking remarkable on a mobile device.

#2 - Dr. Mario World

In dr. Mario world your goal is to clear all the viruses from the game board by lining up three or more of the same color so you can easily eliminate viruses.

In regular dr. Mario you had to line up four out of the same colors but now they just made it three to make the game a little more simple.

You really have to be strategical about which ones you want to place the one thing this game has, is a variety for each level is very different in both different objects and items which interact with pills in different ways.

There are also bonus levels that add different colored viruses and time limits which make the game a lot harder, but of course, once you do complete this bonus path of levels then you get a prize at the end.

Some levels are very difficult and some levels are very easy and you will like the different difficulty that this game offers.

If you want to go for three stars, you can so.

It's not an easy game but it's not a hard game either .

#3 - Gears POP

Collect and upgrade dozens of iconic Gears of War heroes and villains, each designed with an adorable Funko Pop! vinyl design.

Build the ultimate squad and lead them to victory in the Arena where you will compete against other collectors and competitors around the world in fast-paced tactical cover-combat!.

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