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how to play blitz world of tanks ?

blitz world of tanks is one hell of an android game to play and enjoy the piece of work.

the updated version 6.0 just released with more extra features added to the game starting June 5, 2019.

a 100 Millions players Tank Shooter game played by people from all arround the world. you can start the game in 7x7 format VS the computer research and upgrade armored vehicles, use various tactics, and play it with with you friends.

how to download it ?

it can be downloaded also by typing the app's name on search bar .

it requires 2.5 GB of minimum free space and and of course an acces the the Internet connection.

your internet connection speed must be stable and no less than 256 kbit/s

you android version must be 4.2 or later.If you don't know how to check your android device version, read our article about How to detect your android operating system and read it to the end, it will show you your current android version.

if you don't have enough space on your device read our article about how to manage disk space to help you get more storage for the game.

just click on this link on any android mobile phone.

or you can go to the play store an search blitz world of tanks and click download

How to play ?

Choose a tank and battle on blitz world of tanks

blitz world of tanks's official page is :

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