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Google Translate app to travel

You've probably heard about Google Translate, it got a major upgrade and now it's just pretty awesome.

Google Translate uses augmented reality to literally let you look through your phone at something that's in a different language and translate it instantly.

Just try to picture some signs that are in other languages of a different country.

All you have to do is to aim your phone at that sign and look at that immediately,you can see it change right on the screen from a different language.

Now,you get the idea of what they're trying to tell you and the cool thing is when you look at it on your phone screen it's in the exact same font that it to english.

The amazing thing is that it translate itlike it is in real life and uses your phone as you look through it.

Google Translate has given us free access to use this amazingnology for free and it works across a variety of devices.

Now, you'll be able to ask me something and if I don't speak the language I'll be able to understand you ;-).

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