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how to share app with bluetooth easily

how to share app with bluetooth ?

is it even possible to share my apps with people? download an app without internet?

yes, we will tell you how in this article.

why do I need to share an app with bluetooth ?

sometimes, we need to make things faster, to help our customers install our company app, and download the updated version of it in real time.

especialy, when the app needs more free space on the device and do not use internet data.

we will need it when we have no internet connection to search the app so a wireless bluetooth transfert will do the mission.

when you install an android mobile phone for a friend or a member of family, it will be peace of cake .

just create a new gmail account or use an existing one if he/she already got one.

activate bluetooth on the mobile to be ready to receive the desired apps.

open your share app bluetooth now

check the popular apps you will need to set up on the new android mobile device :

  • Whatsapp
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Chrome
  • Google photos
  • Google drive
  • Games ....

how to istall the bluetooth sharing app ?

Just open the Play Store app.

Type APK share Bluetooth, click the app with the same name and send backup uninstall Manage

click the download button to start downloading the application.

A new popup window will show up, it will require you to accept to start downloading the application

Once you accept the given authorizations application will start to pending then downloading.

Now the application is correctly installed, click the open to start using this magnificent software.

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