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adobe spark app : Social Graphics,Videos

how do you use adobe spark to create a video?

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use it or each part to create a youtube video with Adobe spark

Adobe spark is also for website mobile applications as well so we can create a social graphics web pages and video stories for free

So we just make easy to combine video clips photos icons and voiceovers to create a motion graphics and video in the prefer by using professional quality soundtracks as well

So let's get started.

We are going to create video stories by using Adobe's 5 and for this I'm going to log in it toward website.

In this website we can transform our ideas into a visual stories,or we can create graphics for our social media post and it is so much easy to create a post for your Facebook ads and your Facebook videos.

You can play the videos by using adobe spark and you can create web pages by using the spark page so you can create a web page and you can create a video by using adobe spark.

For this you can add easily photos with your class icons and soundtracks to create a video so let's get log into the to be sparked to create them. .

So in this website at the top you see there or two options available you can start now for free and login.

You can login or start for free so you have four options to log in and you can log in with your Google account your gmail ID you can log in with your Facebook ID and you can sign up with your email and log in with your Adobe ID as well.

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