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Google now launcher : faster home screen

hello everybody, today's tutorial on how to use a custom launcher such as the Google now launcher on an Android device.

Custom launchers aren't something that's new to Android it's been there for many years now but just recently Google put their own launcher that can be found on the Nexus devices on the Play Store and for any Android device regardless of who it's made by as long as they're on Android 4.1 jelly bean or above

So, I'd do a quick tutorial on how to switch to that launcher and basically how to use it and what the pros and cons for it are so the first thing.

we're going to go to the Play Store, we're going to do a search and we're going to search for Google now launcher.

So there we go it's the top result already on millions downloads that's impressive.

So we're just going to install it and that shouldn't take too long just.

installing now and there we go so now what we're going to do really easy step we're going to press the home button and it comes up saying complete action using the blue box will appear under what over what you're currently using and we're going to switch it to the Google now launcher.

There at the top and then click the always button so now here we go Google now launcher continue set up Google now accept and then here we go so welcome.

Make yourself at home so it's telling you how it works so you can go this way for Google now say ok Google to start a search okay more screens for apps and folders which I'll show you so we'll click ok.

Here we are or in our main space it does mess your wallpaper up at first and I will show you how to fix that but here we are on our main screen so it sets up a Play Store icon your basic dock icons and a small folder with Google apps inside it.

You can change all around later on the biggest feature of this launcher is just being able to swipe between them and go into your Google now so you can see your card.

So we can see a travel card, something about Pacific Rim , a current location card for me for my weather and click more another travel card as well.

So you can also do a Google search obviously you can tap Google and you can type in what it is and you can do that from your home screen as well.

Just do this and start typing in what it is you want but perhaps the best feature and I'm just going to make sure the sound is up to this perhaps the best feature is what's called hot for it hot key.

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