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Instagram is a a major social media platform that you can access using this URL below :

Instagram, also called IG has its own app in both android and IOS playstores.

InstaGram on Appstore IOS for Iphone and Ipad

InstaGram on PlayStore for Android

We had so many questions, so we decided to answer as max as possibles.

So don't hesitate to ask us in the section below, we answer as a question has been received.

Are instagram searches anonymous ?

Yes, instagram searches are anonymous, whenever anyone searches for a person,a company or an entreprise that person will not any notification for this.

What are instagram search suggestions based on ?

Instagram search suggestions are basicly based on Facebook friends, on who you've searched before, accounts have commented on your photos,your hashtags and also the types of content and location.

How do you reset Instagram suggestions?

Tap on the sections listed below :

Search icon > search bar > Long press on the suggested answer > Hide.

Can instagram searches except be seen ?

No, no one can see your instagram searches except of you.

Can instagram search history clear itself ?

No, unfortunately, you must do it by yourself.

How to clear instagram search history ?

Scroll down to the bottom to the “Clear Search History” option.

Tap “Yes, I'm Sure”.

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