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passtime gps : best gps tracker for cars

ou post today is about security
what's a passtime gps apps? and how much they coast? what are their featureshow do we use them?

congratulations on the purchase of your vehicle.

now that you're about to venture down this new road and let's talk about protecting your investment, especially your loved ones.

pastime in touch app

one of the most sophisticated theft recovery and GPS tracking systems on the market.

In touch uses GPS to pinpoint your vehicle's location at any time sending it to your fingertips in the form of an easy-to-use desktop and mobile application.

with this power you can help police recover a stolen vehicle with pinpoint location informations.

you can set up virtual boundaries receive speed alerts for teen drivers and even monitor the strength of your battery.

but let's take a moment to talk about why this is important,did you know that over 650,000 cars are stolen every year and nearly 45% of these vehicles never get returned to their rightful owner.

if a thief were to steal your car in the middle of the night,would you even notice or would you let the thief get away for eight hours before you even noticed and we all know that your teenager is a responsible person.

but how can you be sure that they are staying safe when you're not looking, not to mention that handing the keys of your brand-new car to a valet can be nerve-racking at many times.

how can you be sure that they didn't take it for a joyride.

yes this is a lot to think about,fortunately InTouch was designed specifically to give you peace of mind in any of these situations and more not only does InTouch provide a pinpoint of your vehicles location at any time form virtual boundaries and instantly receive a notification when your vehicle crosses this virtual boundary.

it helps keeping criminals and valets awa.

in touches speed notification feature can help teen drivers stay safe by setting a predefined speed limit if they happen to go over the speed.

a speed alert notification detailing the location time and speed that the vehicle is traveling will be sent to the owner of the account providing a valuable opportunity to discuss the situation and take corrective measures before poor choices and habits are formed.

if that wasn't enough, InTouch will also monitor your battery's charge levels ensuring that being stranded with a dead battery can be a thing of the past .

if you're still contemplating whether or not in touch is right for you some insurance carriers will provide a discount on your premium if you have an in touch in touch is in stock and available for your vehicle.

so please feel free to ask your dealership representative for more information on how to get in touch.

what are InTouch App features ?

  • Track vehicles anytime. From Anywhere. Monitor driver behavior of loved ones and teen drivers.
  • Virtual Boundaries keep track of what matters. Set boundaries around the house or neighborhood, workplace, parking lot at the airport.
  • Valet Mode for when you hand over your keys, Automatically sets a virtual boundary around your location, and speed alert.
  • Alerts to stay informed. Text or email alerts for boundary violations, speed, and low battery.

How to buy and install In touch services

adress :
861 Southpark Dr.
Suite #200
Littleton, CO 80120

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