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RCS : Rich Communication Services for Android

We will brief to you about RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Service the next-generation SMS experience only for US users launched today Thursday, November 14, 2019.

Whats is the history of Rich Communication Services ?

Back in the 1980, SMS (stands for Short Messaging Service) was first introduced by the global system for mobile communication and the idea was to basngically send a very quick short message which is capped at 160 characters from one cell phone to another.

It's actually the idea on which Twitter was based upon having quick messages sent to each other.

Although it's been changed recently to 280 characters on Twitter and SMS is pretty much a service provided by cell phone network operators, and it's usually part of your text plan,and is pretty much able to work with any cell phone that exists worldwide.

MMS which stands for multimedia messaging service is basically SMS,but upgrade a little bit but the technology was developed by 3gpp and became popularized in the 2000s early millennium.

So where SMS is limited to sending text messages,MMS allows you to send pictures videos and audio clips.

However that's still really compressing a lot of data especially considering that a lot of pictures you take nowadays are usually three to four megabytes in size which is pretty much the average.

So sending MMS has always been horrible because it compresses the data files like crazy, especially why a lot of people jumped to services like whatsapp.

Traditionally, for most cell phone network providers, MMS can only be used if you have a data plan, and it will not work if you do not have a data plan.

Now the way it works, if the sending party has an MMS file they want to send and the recipients phone is off or they have no cell phone signal.

Then next time they get cell phone signal the telecom provider will then push that MMS to your phone and you'll receive it once you have signal again.

Whats is the RCS concept?

RCS which is rich communication service was released in November of 2016 and it takes the idea of SMS MMS combines them together and makes them way better.

In fact,the idea is basically allows you to use options such as typing out a message and you get a notification when the recipient has opened that message and read it.

It gives the ability to send pictures and videos and ten megabytes of size which may increase in the future we'll never know until that happens and of course you can share your location and the list goes on now the idea here sounds very similar to services like Kakao talk,Facebook messenger,Skype chat...

The idea of RCS is that it's going to be installed natively on your phone so the second you open your forum out of the box you and your friends will have RCS capability you won't have to download these third-party apps like whatsapp messenger and stuff to do group chats and send multimedia messages.

this is great because RCS would be tied natively to your cell phone number and the idea later on is to have a so that when you go through your contacts app in your cell phone's list.

You can actually see which one of your contacts is RCS compatible and you can start using the service right away.

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