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Optimize your SEO using SEO Check App

we at decided to do a serie of posts about SEO checks app that all blogers need to install on our android devices to make better content using only our Andoid mobile phones.

Our goal also is to help you choose the better app to improve your alexa rankings and boost your organic traffic.

Today's topic is about a free app on android that you can download from the google playstore called SEO Check.

SEO check is an app to check your own SEO and its error and to make it better.

How to install SEO Check on Android ?

  • Go to the play store on the main screen on your device
  • Type SEO Check and click install for the first app that got the blue logo lik

What's are the languages that SEO Check support ?

  • English version
  • German version

How to use SEO Check app?

After you dowwnload the app,the main page, will request you to type your website URL and click analyse button.

You can analyse each url of your website or your main page only depending of the type of website you are running.

We did analyse our own website so we can check the features that will help us improve our SEO.

SEO audit :

this section an audit section devided on many aspects that helps you check every part of the seo .

You can share each SEO Ceck result using whatsapp,facebook or any other social media platform with your team too.

Meta information

  • Analysis of the page title for length (in pixels), content and technically correct markup
  • Analysis of meta description length (in pixels) and correct specification in HTML
  • Analysis of tobots.txt if Google and Bing are allowed
  • Check for Noindex information
  • Check if Canonical link is correct
  • Check for hreflang links
  • Check whether server location, domain and language match the recognized language
  • Checking the domain for length and technical problems
  • Analysis of the page URL by parameters, including sessions etc.
  • Check for the correct favicon in the HTML
  • Check for charset encoding and check for inconsistencies
  • Check if Doctype markup is correct

Page quality

  • Analysis of usage and frequency of highlighted text (<b> and <strong> tags)
  • Analysis of repetitions and too long texts
  • Search for problematic frames and framesets
  • Textual page text analysis and content reuse of headings and titles
  • Recognition of social sharing options
  • Check for good image alternative text (alt attribute)
  • Search for inline CSS information
  • Analysis if there is too much ads on the page
  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • Identify the well optimized keywords

Page structure

  • Check for the correct length and use of the H1 tag
  • Check for correct heading usage, quantity and search for text repetitions


  • Analysis of external links on the page
  • Check the internal links for quantity, duplicate text and link text length


  • Search for useless HTTP headers
  • Check if there is a redirect for www. and non www. URLs
  • Check the loading time
  • Check for size of the HTML
  • Check for amount of CSS and Javascript files


  • Check for occurrence on the Shalla List, Adult/Safe for work classification and Google Safebrowsing
  • Check if the page is well linked from external sources
  • Search for backlinks from Wikipedia
  • Analysis of the dissemination of a link in social networks

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