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Why to use Google Home as speaker

If you've not gotten a Google Home Mini yet, oh no, you must think again .

Google Home, or Google Home Max device can help you do a bunch of cool things you can do with a Google Home device .

1 - chromecast integration

If you have a chromecast device, you are simply going to love the integration with the Google Home. .

If you have a newish TV and a newer chromecast, you can ask Google to turn on and off your TV and it'll do this through the chromecast which uses HDMI CEC.

Also,you can ask Google to play a specific YouTube video on your chromecast TV and it'll just do it.

You also have the option to link various streaming service accounts to your Google Home app in the settings, which will allow you to ask Google to play the latest episode of Game of Thrones on HBO Go on your chromecast TV, or you could ask it to play the latest season of the crown on Netflix on your chromecast TV.

Lastly, you can ask Google to play music on your chromecast TV. The only thing you can't do is add your chromecast TV to a speaker group, like you can with a chromecast audio device from Google.

2- my day feature

Google Assistant will tell you about your upcoming day.

It will tell you how long it will take you to get to work in current traffic conditions and will give you the day's weather forecasts as well as let you know of any appointments or events you have on your Google Calendar, as well as follow that up with the latest news from a variety of sources.

You can choose from your Google Home app settings. Now the way you trigger the my date feature is simply by telling Google, good morning, good evening, or good afternoon.

You can configure all of these sub features of the My Day feature in your Google Home app settings under the section "My Day. ".

Also oreminders, calendars, and shopping lists...they are all somewhat related. They all deal with placing items on a list or calendar. So first let's go ahead and look at reminders.

With your new Google Home device, you can ask it to remind you where you left a specific item you can come up to your Google Home device and say:

"Remember that I put my wallet on my dresser. "

Google Home: "Okay, I'll remember that you said I put my wallet on my dresser. " And then when you can't find your wallet you can simply ask Google:
"Where did I put my wallet? "
Google Home: "I remember you told me I put my wallet on my dresser. ".

Now your google home device can also remind you of a specific thing at a specific time, for example:
"Remind me to have a lightsaber fight with my neighbor tomorrow at noon. "
Google Home: "Sure, I'll remind you tomorrow at noon. ".

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