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west coast america's poluar cities on IOS

this app is disponible on the app store and its name Popular Cities on West Coast USA by, Inc.

You can download the App for the app store for Iphone an Ipad mobiles.

This app is designed for people who love to explore cities and of the west coast usa .

The app features two types of city guides, self-guided City walks and travel articles.

Each City walks guide comes with a list of occurated self-guided walking tools which will introduce you to the city you visit.

Each such walk features major local landmarks, historic sites, parks, museums as well as the hidden places of the the city.

The app offers a detailed walk route map is provided to guide you from one stop to the next using the built in GPS function so you can find your way easily.

Additionally, you can create your own Walk map for visiting the attractions of your choice.

Each city box guide also comes with a detailed map which displays city streets, public transport, restaurants, cafes, hotels ... so you can navigate throu the city with confidence.

The app also features thousands of travel articles covering a variety of topics such as sightseeing cultural venues parks, food shopping, nightlife ... offering a great tool for planning a new trip.

Another special thing about these travel articles is that each of them comes with a map displaying attractions featured in the article.

Using the built in GPS function, you can get directions to any of these attractions furthermore you can create a walk route to visit several attractions in one.

Each city walks guides and travel articles can be saved for offline use so you won't have to worry about expensive data plan on a roaming fees when traveling.

On, you can find guides to over west coast cities and lose yourself without getting lost yourself.

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