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Youtube TV features

YouTube TV made some huge changes that made it the best cord-cutting option on the market.

This post titled Youtube TV is going to cover everything you need to know about youtube TV and if it's the right TV platform decision for you.

Whats the difference between YouTube and YouTube TV ?

The difference is that you can watch youtube videos on your TV through the YouTube app does not mean you are watching YouTube's TV.

YouTube TV is a completely separate service that lets you watch actual live television.

YouTube does have a paid service called YouTube premium and that lets you watch ad free YouTube videos both online, offline and even in the background on your phone.

YouTube premium also gives you full access to YouTube music which is Google Spotify competitor and you'll also get access to YouTube originals which is YouTube's database of actual movies,documentaries and TV series that are all produced by YouTube.

YouTube premium is similar to what Netflix does with its Netflix originals only Netflix generally produces high quality shows whereas YouTube tends to pump out cringe-worthy shows like the finning and pretty much every other show in its database.

YouTube's premium however it does not get you access to live television that can only be done through Google's YouTube TV subscription.

One thing both YouTube TV and YouTube premium have in common is that they both give you access to YouTube originals.

Whats the price of YouTube TV subscription?

The price is $40 per mounth.

So now that we have that out of the way let's talk about price YouTube TV originally launched with a $35 a month price tag but eventually increase that price to $40 a month this makes sense since YouTube has invested in getting a lot more channels

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